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RemiFox Management Inc.

People. Leadership. Emotion.

Have a Growth Mindset?  Looking for that Competitive Advantage?  

This is what I know.  If you want to grow your company, you have to grow your people.  I help Managers and Leaders achieve new results, more profit, higher retention, increased productivity and all with less stress!  How?  By using new insightful tools and years of practical business experience to remove constraints to impact the behaviours most influential to people's success and thus the company's bottom line.  


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Competitive Advantage

People. Leadership. Emotion.

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Leadership Performance

Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Be an Exceptional Leader

Be the calm.  Business can be stressful. Where are you and your key employees on the stress continuum? 

Emotional Intelligence is an important individual skill to have.  EQ has been proven to be a better indicator of Leadership success than IQ.  Add it as part of your Leadership Development program and now you've created a team of solid rockstars with superior communication and Leadership abilities! 

Contact me to see how you and your team can become World Class Managers and Leaders!


Business Behaviour

Culture and Teams

Protect or Realign your Culture

Culture drives strategy execution.

What is your true Company Culture?  It’s the choices your people make. It’s the way they deal with customers and each other, make decisions and the speed with which they execute.  

Both your Company Culture and Project success are reliant on the same thing - your people, your team, your tribe.

Contact me to see how we can keep/create the vibrant culture and teams you intended using Change Management techniques!

Discussing the Numbers

Back Office Performance

CPA Professional Business Experience

Accelerate Back Office Performance

Is your Back Office team operating at its optimal level?  Do you know where the new opportunities for success are? 

With diverse industry experience, and a unique combination of value-added Accounting, Operations and People Management experience, I do. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process and can provide superior Leadership abilities to successfully move your projects and teams forward.  Get new results!

Contact me to find out how I can help you!

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Workplaces that Work for Everyone

RemiFox Management Inc. is driven by the belief that Workplaces should Work for Everyone so that every employee, regardless of title, is welcome to fully contribute their unique skillset.

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RemiFox Management Inc.

Calgary, Alberta Canada


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