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Back Office Performance

CPA Professional Business Experience

Accelerate Back Office Performance

Do you require an Interim Manager/Leader?  Do you need help organizing and streamlining your back office?  Do your processes need to be examined for new results?  Does your team have performance issues?  Is there a back office Manager who would benefit from having a mentor and coach? 

You want customized attention to meet your specific needs.  I work collaboratively throughout the entire process using a value-add and agile lens.  I am an experienced business professional accustomed to helping Companies get new results with their projects and teams.  I offer a unique personality combination of natural Leadership and People Engagement ability.

My Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) degree, coupled with my Change Management certification ensure I am uniquely qualified to discover new opportunities to accelerate your back office performance. 

Click on Book It and look for the Office Basics and Workshop package  to find out the specific ways you can get the help your Back Office needs!

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