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Leadership Performance

Lead with Emotional Intelligence 

Be an Exceptional Leader

Emotional Intelligence or EQ, has been identified by the World Economic Forum as #6 in the Top 10 Skills people will need to thrive in the workforce by 2020. 

  • Valuable employees leave Companies because of poor Leadership 50% of the time. 

  • It costs 300% - 500% of their salary to replace them!

  • Poor communication at work costs companies another $26,000/ employee/year! 

  • only 27% of organizations regularly or consistently coach their employees.

  • 87.2% of your employees are likely not fully engaged at work. 

  • On average, 3.5 days are lost per employee per year due to stress!  WOW!

Working one-on-one with people, using their specific EQ-i results, can have a significant effect on their ability to deal with stress, handle interactions better, increase their productivity, lower turnover, and thus increase your Company profit and create a happier culture.  Is that what you want? YES!

Click Book It, look for the Fundamental and Workshop packages available for individual and team Leadership Development programs.

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